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Meet Robert Sansone, a dynamic individual whose life has been shaped by a journey of exploration, service, and a commitment to liberty. From his early days on Offutt Air Force Base to his current role as a visionary leader, Sansone's experiences have molded him into the principled candidate he is today.

In the annals of American history, there have been moments of division, strife, and profound disagreement. Yet, the current era feels different. The divisions seem deeper, the rhetoric more inflammatory, and the stakes higher than ever before. The culprits? Politicians, media pundits, social media companies, and their algorithms. The solution? It’s time for Americans to reclaim their nation and consider a new party to lead.

The Role of Politicians and Media Pundits

Politicians, once seen as public servants, now often appear more as provocateurs. The age-old strategy of “divide and conquer” has been weaponized in the modern era. Instead of uniting the nation under a common cause or vision, many politicians have found it more beneficial to pit one group against another. This divisive strategy is amplified by media pundits who, in the race for ratings, often prioritize sensationalism over substance.

The 24-hour news cycle, combined with the echo chambers of partisan news outlets, has created an environment where extreme views are normalized. Instead of fostering understanding and compromise, the media often fuels the flames of division, portraying every issue as a zero-sum game.

The Impact of Social Media and Algorithms

While traditional media has its role in the division, social media platforms and their algorithms have taken it to an unprecedented level. These platforms, designed to keep users engaged for as long as possible, often promote content that evokes strong emotional reactions. The result? Users are frequently exposed to more extreme viewpoints, reinforcing their pre-existing beliefs and further polarizing society.

Moreover, the very nature of social media encourages snap judgments, superficial engagements, and the spread of misinformation. The nuanced discussions that are essential for a functioning democracy are often drowned out by the cacophony of divisive rhetoric.

The Point of No Return?

With these forces at play, it’s easy to feel that the nation is approaching a point of no return. The divisions seem insurmountable, and the common ground appears to be shrinking. But history has shown that America has the resilience to overcome even the most challenging times.

It’s Time for a Change

The current state of affairs is a clarion call for change. It’s time for Americans to take a step back, evaluate the forces that are driving them apart, and make a conscious effort to bridge the divide. One potential solution? A new political party or perhaps one that has stood for too long in the background.

While the two-party system has dominated American politics for more than a century, it’s clear that many Americans feel disillusioned with both major parties. A new party, built on the principles of liberty, unity, compromise, and genuine public service, could offer a fresh start. This party would prioritize the needs of the people over partisan politics and work towards creating a more united nation. The Libertarian Party has the ability to do just that if it removes the barriers that it has placed on itself. It need to stop acting like a third party and start acting like a major party.


The challenges facing America are significant, but they are not insurmountable. By recognizing the forces driving the nation apart and taking proactive steps to address them, Americans can reclaim their country. It’s time for a change, and perhaps, it’s time for a Libertarian to lead the way.

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  • A key item to start working on now is to ensure that ALL candidates are included in debates. Not just those in the major parties. Each official candidate should be heard. Good luck!

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