Downsizing for Efficient and Limited Governance

Leveraging Executive Authority to Streamline Government

Vision: A leaner, more accountable federal government that actively promotes individual liberty, encourages economic growth, and respects the foundational principles of limited government.

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Directing Agency Accountability:

  • Issue executive orders prompting federal agencies and departments to comprehensively review their operations, targeting redundant functions and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Consolidate and dissolve agencies that no longer align with the best interests of the American populace.

Strategic Personnel Management:

  • Enforce a targeted hiring freeze to prioritize essential positions and roles.
  • Encourage a natural reduction of the federal workforce through attrition, declining to fill non-critical roles.

Government Restructuring for Cohesiveness:

  • Propose strategic reorganizations and mergers under current statutory authority to dissolve duplications and enhance federal operations.
  • Drive forward a united and effective government that seamlessly attends to the nation's needs.

Budget Discipline and Fiscal Prudence:

  • Utilize the budgetary process to advocate for significant cuts to outdated or irrelevant programs and activities.
  • Prioritize fiscal responsibility, curbing nonessential growth, and promoting a leaner budget.

Regular Agency Assessments for Enhanced Accountability:

  • Institute wide-ranging performance reviews to gauge the efficiency and impact of federal agencies.
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies, ensuring agencies are held accountable for their outcomes and efficiency.

Collaboration with Congress for Meaningful Reform:

  • Engage with congressional leaders and members to identify shared goals and priorities for reducing the size and scope of government.
  • Propose legislation and work in partnership with both chambers to eliminate redundant agencies, streamline regulations, and enhance overall governmental efficiency.
  • Foster bipartisan support for initiatives that align with the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and economic growth, emphasizing the broader benefits for the American people

Commitment: As your President, I’m dedicated to the principles that defined our nation: liberty, economic freedom, and restrained governance. My administration will not only wield executive powers but will actively collaborate with Congress to reshape federal operations, ensure roles match key functions, and cultivate financial discipline. Through decisive measures and unwavering resolve, we will initiate a new era of governance, ensuring a government truly of, by, and for the people.