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Meet Robert Sansone, a dynamic individual whose life has been shaped by a journey of exploration, service, and a commitment to liberty. From his early days on Offutt Air Force Base to his current role as a visionary leader, Sansone's experiences have molded him into the principled candidate he is today.


A Renewed Vision and Mission for America

Our Vision

An America that stands as a beacon of hope, freedom, and opportunity—where our citizens are empowered by a just and transparent economic system, protected by robust national defense and border security, powered by a diverse energy system, nourished by quality healthcare, and united by common ideals. We envision a nation where individual rights are paramount, our heritage and traditions are celebrated, and our global standing is maintained with respect, diplomacy, and strength.”

Our Mission

To usher in a new era for America that champions the individual and minimizes the footprint of government. We are committed to upholding the core values of personal freedom, responsibility, and autonomy. Our roadmap prioritizes a free-market healthcare system that fosters choice and competition, an education grounded in common ideals that respects parental rights, a non-interventionist defense approach rooted in diplomacy, border policies that balance liberty and security, an economy free from excessive regulation and taxation, a decentralized financial system, and an environmental strategy driven by innovation rather than mandates. In trust, mutual respect, and limited intervention, we aim to amplify the inherent American virtues of liberty, autonomy, and prosperity.

It's Time to BE the Change you Want to See Today

Principles & Priorities

As Your President, I pledge to strike a careful balance between market freedoms and strategic oversight, ensuring that America remains at the forefront of the global energy landscape. By respecting individual choices, fostering market dynamics, and providing sensible governance, we’ll achieve an energy future that’s both forward-thinking and grounded in our enduring principles.  

Strengthening the Economy

This issue focuses on rejuvenating the U.S. economy through regulatory reforms, specifically benefiting small and medium businesses (SMBs) and promoting a fair tax system. Actions include streamlining regulations, engaging with SMBs for feedback, advocating for the FairTax to replace income and payroll taxes with a national sales tax, and ensuring economic prosperity with transparent taxation.

Balanced Energy Independence

The goal is to harmonize free market principles, individual preferences, and strategic government oversight to cultivate a diverse and reliable energy future. This includes streamlining regulations, empowering consumer and business choices, enhancing transparency, engaging in global energy diplomacy, and working alongside Congress to ensure efficient and minimally invasive legislative frameworks for the energy sector.

Comprehensive Healthcare Reform

The focus is on transforming the American healthcare system to prioritize patient choice, innovation, and affordability. Strategies include promoting models of direct patient care, increasing over-the-counter drug access, advocating for transparent pricing, fostering mental health resources, updating nutritional guidelines, and working closely with legislators to shift from the Affordable Care Act to a consumer-choice-driven system.

Reinforcing Border Integrity and Championing Legal Immigration

This issue centers on promoting strong border security alongside an efficient, merit-based legal immigration process. Efforts include streamlining legal pathways, enhancing border infrastructure and technology, ensuring employer accountability, collaborating with neighboring nations and local communities, and working with Congress to refine immigration and border policies, all while respecting both national values and the contributions of immigrants.

Efficient and Limited Governance

This issue outlines a commitment to creating a streamlined federal government that minimizes bureaucracy and emphasizes individual liberty and economic growth. Key strategies include enforcing agency accountability, managing personnel strategically, maintaining fiscal discipline, conducting regular agency assessments, and fostering close collaboration with Congress to achieve a more efficient and limited government structure.

National Defense and International Affairs

This issue emphasizes a robust and independent America, with a commitment to diplomacy as the first approach in international affairs while maintaining its premier military force. The focus includes ending perpetual conflicts, establishing bilateral agreements, facilitating peace initiatives (like the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict), and working collaboratively with Congress to ensure defense decisions and international commitments align with America's core values and interests.

Restoring Financial Freedom and Accountability

This issue emphasizes transitioning away from centralized banking practices, focusing on reducing the Federal Reserve's power and implementing sound money policies based on tangible assets. The initiative aims to increase transparency, limit government intervention in the economy, enhance financial literacy, encourage savings, hold banks accountable, and collaborate with Congress on monetary policy reforms, all while upholding free-market principles.


Get to Know Rob

I know I can make a difference. I’ve spent my life in different parts of the world, serving in the Air Force, working on complex problems, and what I’ve seen lately in our country truly bothers me. There’s a divisiveness that’s been fueled by recent leaders, and it’s tearing us apart. It’s frustrating. We can do better. I will do better. I’m not a typical politician, and that’s what we need right now—a fresh perspective. There are many issues I want to work on for this country, but the first thing we need to do is bring this country together, recognize each other’s similarities, and work towards a united America. That’s why I want to be president. I know my unique experiences can help guide us to a stronger, more unified future.

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