Reinforcing Border Integrity and Championing Legal Immigration

Vision: An America where strong border security stands alongside an unwavering commitment to legal immigration, reflecting our nation's principles of law, order, and sovereign integrity. Through streamlined pathways and efficient border controls, we aim to preserve our nation's values and traditions while acknowledging the importance of purposeful immigration.

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Prioritizing Legal Pathways:

  • Streamline the legal immigration process to ensure that those who wish to contribute to America's prosperity can do so efficiently.
  • Foster a dynamic system that promotes merit-based immigration, meeting the nation's economic needs and ensuring diverse talent pools.

Empowering Border Patrol Personnel:

  • Prioritize the recruitment, training, and deployment of additional Border Patrol agents.
  • Equip law enforcement with the necessary tools and technologies, and deploy military troops as needed, to ensure robust enforcement of border integrity and safety

Investing in Technology and Infrastructure:

  • Allocate funds to cutting-edge surveillance technology, including drones, sensors, and cameras, to strengthen border security.
  • Strategically improve and update physical infrastructure, incorporating barriers and fencing where most effective.

Enhancing Return Protocols:

  • Clearly communicate that individuals entering the U.S. without authorization will be promptly returned to their countries of origin.
  • Allocate resources to expedite return processes, ensuring both speed and humane treatment.

Ensuring Employer Accountability with a Temporary Worker Program:

  • Develop a streamlined temporary worker program to meet specific industry demands and provide a legal avenue for short-term employment.
  • Enforce strict employment verification processes, holding companies accountable for hiring unauthorized workers

Bilateral Cooperation with Mexico and Central American Nations:

  • Collaborate on shared challenges, improving intelligence sharing and conducting joint operations.
  • Work closely with Mexico to fortify their borders and ports of entry, ensuring a comprehensive approach to border security.

Engaging with Local Communities and States:

  • Establish strong partnerships with communities and states along the border to develop tailored approaches that respect local needs and values.
  • Involve community leaders in decision-making processes, fostering trust and collaboration.

Legislative Collaboration:

  • Engage with Congress to evaluate and enhance legal immigration processes, ensuring they are modern, efficient, and in line with national needs.
  • Collaborate with legislators to address the root causes of irregular migration, focusing on sustainable solutions that respect human rights and U.S. sovereignty.
  • Seek regular consultations with Congress to ensure that border and immigration policies align with broader national interests, including economic growth and security.

Commitment: As your President, I pledge to ensure that America remains steadfast in upholding our principles of border integrity while also championing the cause of legal immigration. Balancing the need for safety with the recognition of the immense value immigrants bring, we aim to craft a policy that resonates with America’s core values and forward-thinking vision.