National Defense and International Affairs

Vision: An America standing strong and independent, participating actively in global matters, yet never beholden to international organizations that do not align with our values. While we will engage diplomatically and foster international relationships, our decision-making remains firmly rooted in the principles and interests that define our great nation. We recognize the importance of minimizing our global military presence, but our commitment to maintaining the premiere military force in the world is unwavering. Our strength lies not just in our military might but in our ability to chart our own course, guided by the values of freedom, autonomy, and strategic wisdom.

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Diplomacy First

  • Diplomatic solutions will always be our initial approach in resolving international disputes.
  • Direct engagement with global leaders will be prioritized to promote open, constructive dialogue and target the root causes of conflicts.

Bilateral Peace & Economic Agreements

  • Proactively seek out opportunities to establish bilateral agreements that foster peace and mutual economic growth.
  • Through tailored agreements, address the unique opportunities and challenges of each nation, forging stronger economic and peaceful ties.

Ending Endless Wars & Bringing Troops Home:

  • Our military's strength and reputation will not be diminished in conflicts with ambiguous goals.
  • Troops will be brought home from locations where there is no treaty requiring their presence, and efforts will be made to minimize the number of troops required by treaty to be elsewhere.
  • We will work diligently to extricate our nation from entanglements that do not align with America's core interests.

Clear Boundaries for Military Engagement

  • The military's primary purpose is to defend our national security interests, not act as the world's police.
  • Any military engagement will be underpinned by clear entrance and exit criteria.
  • The commitment of U.S. troops to foreign engagements will only be with a formal declaration of war.

Ukraine Resolution & Trilateral Discussions:

  • Proactive steps will be taken to facilitate and support diplomatic initiatives for the Ukrainian conflict, including trilateral discussions between the US, Russia, and Ukraine to bring an end to the war.
  • The goal is to ensure stability, peace, and mutual respect in the region, benefiting all parties involved. We will collaborate on rebuilding Ukraine and prioritize efforts to repatriate and support the Ukrainian people, ensuring their homeland thrives once more.

Legislative Collaboration:

  • Foster a cooperative approach with members of all parties in Congress, ensuring that national defense and international affairs policies are balanced and representative of the broader American perspective.
  • Work closely with Congress to ensure that any decision to commit troops is met with a formal declaration of war, reinforcing the constitutionally mandated checks and balances.
  • Partner with Congress to review and align our defense budget with genuine threats, emphasizing fiscal discipline and maximizing the return on every dollar spent on defense.
  • Collaborate with legislative bodies to reassess existing treaties, ensuring that they remain in the best interest of the U.S., and seek to adjust our commitments where necessary to reflect our modern priorities and values.

Commitment: Stepping forward, my commitment is unwavering. I will lead with diplomacy, respect, and wisdom, always keeping America’s security and prosperity at the forefront. I envision a nation that, while strong and decidedly independent, also understands the power of collaboration and the strength in peace. America will not stand isolated but as a beacon of hope in the global community.